SFI Representative Projects

System Engineering and Integration Support to U.S. Census Bureau

In this 1.8 billion IDIQ, SFI provides the U.S. Census Bureau (USCB) with bureau-wide enterprise and systems architecture, engineering, development, and integration services. Technology areas include: application technology, collaboration and electronic workplace, data management technology, networking and telecommunications, platform and storage, security, service management, application development, big data, cloud computing, mobile application development and user experience design.

FAA NAS IT Support

In this contract, SFI provides IT support for a large FAA portfolio systems. Contractor support is comprised of a team of 50+ staff at multiple FAA sites and supports 90+ mission critical NAS systems including TFMS and Federal NOTAM System. The NAS comprises the mission critical airspace, navigation facilities and airports of the US along with associated information, services, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, personnel and equipment. There are over 10,000 agency users worldwide including DOD, commercial, international and general aviation.

Data Analysis and IT Support to U.S. Department of Transportation

Through this contract, SFI provides collection, analysis, compilation and dissemination of transportation data and statistics using information systems and information technologies to support the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) mission of improving our Nation's transportation system through the use of technology, research and development.

Census Bureau Agency Wide IT Security and Desktop Support Contract

Spatial Front Inc. (SFI) supports USCB Local Area Network (LAN) Technology Support Office (LTSO) Information Technology (IT) Security and Desktop Services. The scope of work includes the support necessary to develop, maintain, and enhance the USCB-wide Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) capability as well as to provide technical and operational support. In this project, SFI currently provides all Application Help Desk Support for 14,000+ users, at Tier 2/3 providing break/fix, change management and engineering services including catalog service support and self-service portal.

ARNG - Accessions Systems Branch-Training and Database Services (ASB-TDS) Training Services

SFI supports the Army National Guard (ARNG) ADB-TDS contract. Support includes training, application support, and data analysis for the Army Recruiting Information Support System (ARISS) and several ARNG G-1 applications. The objective of the ASB-TDS program is to train and support ARNG Recruiting and Retention (R&R) and G-1 elements and activities in all 54 states and territories as well as NGB-level elements in various locations in order to enhance performance and improve the accessioning process.