USDA Conservation Programs SW Delivery Services and Support (ELM4)

USDA Conservation Programs SW Delivery Services and Support (ELM4) Profile

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September 25, 2020 - September 24, 2025

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Program Description:

SFI provides the Department of Agriculture (USDA) support to FPAC Information Solutions Division’s (ISD) Conservation Branch and all conservation business owners they serve to deliver efficient and effective systems, applications, and software for FPAC to generate, manage, and share data, technology, and standards that enable partners and policymakers to make decisions informed by objective and reliable science. Efforts include information technology (IT) support services: development, modernization, enhancements, and maintenance of information systems, software applications, web services, and databases. IT support services may also include activities such as establishing and supporting: infrastructure setup, data migration, quality assurance testing, user acceptance testing and training, performance load testing, security processes and application scans, test account provisioning and access support, system demos, IT audits, data for established organization level metrics and data preparation for all phases of software development and continue maintenance. Currently SFI leads the Prometheus Agile Release Train (ART) including 10 scrum teams.

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